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Submitted Modules

Crescendo Autoswell HP Volume View
Chemist HP ChorusMultieffectPhase ShifterPitch Shifter View
Mini Faux Spring Reverb HP Reverb View
Unicorn V2 HP Phase Shifter View
Pyramids HP Dual/StereoFlanger View
Fathom HP Reverb View
Native Audio Midnight HP Phase ShifterRotary View
Turbo-Tuner ST-300 Mini HP Tuner View
Fooz HP DistortionSynth VoiceTremoloWah View
Monument V2 HP Tremolo View
Pelican NoiseWorks 50/50 HP PreAmpDistortion View
Pelican NoiseWorks Binford 6100 HP DelayDigital GlitchDistortionMultieffectPitch Shifter ReverbRing ModulatorSynth Voice View
Drip HP Reverb View
Southampton Pedals Utility Knife Modulator HP ChorusFlangerPhase ShifterTremolo View
Super Apricot OD HP Distortion View
BJF Buffer Minimal Series HP Utility View
Relay G10 HP Utility View
Fuzzrocious LunaReClipse HP PreAmp View
QMX10 HP ControllerLooperSwitch View
Sonic Blue Twanger HP PreAmpDistortion View
Tomkat Cloudy HP DelayLooperMultieffectPitch Shifter ReverbRing ModulatorSynth Voice View
Expression Slider HP Expression View
Hungry Robot Monastery HP Pitch Shifter View
JHS Modded Electro-Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Pumpkin Patch Mod HP Distortion View
Waveformer Destroyer MK2 HP PreAmpDistortionFilter View
Demedash T-120 HP Delay View
Specular Reverb V3 HP Reverb View
Ringmaster Analog Multiplexer HP Ring ModulatorSynth VoiceTremolo View
PLL-4046 HP DistortionSynth Voice View
Fuzzrocious Knob Jawn HP Pitch Shifter View
Clover HP PreAmpDistortion View
Quiet Theory Prelude HP DelayReverb View
Sun Face NKT 275 HP Distortion View
Pelican NoiseWorks Half Horse HP Distortion View
Dr. No Moon Canyon HP DelayDistortionReverb View
Boing HP Reverb View
Monkeyman HP DistortionReverb View
SviSound RetroZoid Germanium HP Distortion View
Interstellar Orbiter HP FilterRing Modulator View
K-Buffer HP Utility View
Supro Tremolo HP Tremolo View
Lester K HP Dual/StereoRotary View
TA-1H HP ChorusDual/Stereo View
Airturn BT200S-4 HP View
Great Divide 2.0 HP Pitch Shifter Synth Voice View
Daedalus HP Reverb View
Labryrinth HP View
The Alchemist HP Dual/StereoUtility View
Power Couple HP PreAmp View
Sugar Drive HP Distortion View
Coppersound Labyrinth HP Utility View
Stereo Vintage Ensemble HP ChorusDual/Stereo View
Pana-Trem HP Dual/StereoTremolo View
Southampton Pedals Indie Dream HP DelayDistortionReverb View
Henrietta Black Hole Chorus HP View
Supermoon Eclipse HP Dual/StereoReverb View
Mandate HP View
Abracadabra Audio Ayahuasca HP DistortionTremolo View
Vanguard Dual Phase HP Phase Shifter View
Epoch Pre HP PreAmpUtility View
Tremolessence HP Dual/StereoTremolo View
Union Tube & Transistor EverMORE HP PreAmp View
Spaceman Orion HP Reverb View
Big Ear NYC Woodcutter HP Distortion View
FX-17 Wah/Volume/CV Controller HP ControllerExpressionVolumeWah View
76 HP DistortionPitch Shifter View
Phaser HP Phase Shifter View
Bonsai HP Distortion View
Mini Beano Boost HP PreAmp View
Hendrix Cry Baby Mini Wah HP Wah View
Union Tube & Transistor Tone Druid HP PreAmpDistortion View
Lizard Breath Pedals Chameleon Stereo Clean Boost HP View
Loop-Master 7 Looper w/Tuner Out & Master Bypass (STAG) HP View
Loop-Master Pedals 1 Looper (Stereo) HP View
Henretta Engineering Purple Octopus HP Pitch Shifter View
NosePedal Dual Expression HP ControllerExpression View
Coppersound Telegraph Stutter w/polarity switch HP View
Retro-Sonic Preamp HP PreAmp View
Rockstock Pedals Bright Switch HP Utility View
Super Mod Workstation HP ChorusFilterFlangerMultieffectPhase ShifterRotaryTremolo View
Gatekeeper Micro HP Noise Gate View
Hardwire SP-7 HP Phase Shifter View
Swindler Effects Red Mountain Tremolo HP Dual/StereoTremolo View
45000 Looper Controller HP ControllerLooper View
JHS Modded Boss DS-1 Synth Drive Deluxe HP DistortionPitch Shifter Ring ModulatorSynth Voice View
Killer Otter Electric Aerostat HP Distortion View
Dynamo Electric Audio Century of Progress HP PreAmpDistortion View
Sun Lion HP PreAmpDistortion View
Killer Otter Electric Party Animal HP Distortion View
Pelican NoiseWorks Pelitaur HP Distortion View
Pelican NoiseWorks/Spruce FX Germanium Pelitaur HP PreAmpDistortion View
RC Booster V2 HP PreAmp View
PA-1QG HP PreAmpEqualizerMIDI View
Ventura Vibe HP Rotary View
Dirty Robot HP Dual/StereoSynth Voice View
Dogmatek Arctic Wolf HP PreAmpPhase ShifterRing ModulatorRotaryTremolo View
Tap-Exp. Pedal HP ControllerUtility View
Classic Audio FX Space Cadet HP ChorusPitch Shifter View
Octavia Micro HP Pitch Shifter View
Delay Llama Supreme HP Delay View
Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah HP Wah View
Three2One HP SwitchUtility View

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