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Submitted Modules

History Lesson VII HP Delay View
SP-H9 Eventide HP Expression View
Throttle Box EQ HP DistortionEqualizer View
Thorpy FX Team Medic HP PreAmpEqualizerMultieffectUtility View
Jack’s Instrument Services Double True Bypass FX Loop HP Switch View
Switchback HP Switch View
Jack’s Instrument Services Mini True Bypass FX Loop HP Switch View
Johnson DEQ2 Distortion EQ HP DistortionEqualizer View
95Q Crybaby Q HP Wah View
CrocEye HP MIDIUtility View
Barn3 Tesla Tap HP Utility View
Wailer Wah HP Wah View
Dr Distorto HP Distortion View
Triple Wreck HP Distortion View

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Crocodile Tail Loop (5)
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