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Submitted Modules

Retro-Sonic Flanger HP Flanger View
RC Bass Booster HP PreAmpDistortion View
Bass RC Booster V2 HP BassPreAmp View
Bass Comp Jr HP Dynamics View
Megabyte HP Delay View
Pitch Fork + HP Pitch Shifter View
HX Stomp HP Modeling/SimulationMultieffect View
Mercy Phuk HP Distortion View
Luminary V2 HP Pitch Shifter View
Dirge Electronics HP PreAmpDistortion View
Somersault Lo-Fi Modulator HP Chorus View
Rattler HP Distortion View
Pulp N Peel V4 HP Dynamics View
Cosmonaut V2 HP DelayReverb View
Mojo Hand FX Speakeasy HP PreAmp View
Marshmallow HP Pitch Shifter View
Cheese Ball HP Distortion View
Dusky Hypatia HP Distortion View
Sibling HP Phase Shifter View
RedHouse Electronics Heat Wave HP Tremolo View
Foxgear Echosex Baby HP Delay View
Lucky Cat Black HP Delay View
Goatkeeper HP Tremolo View
Temple Audio Trio 28 HP View
Lollygagger Canaglia HP PreAmpDistortion View
Octa HP Pitch Shifter View
Lollygagger FX Canaglia HP Distortion View
Reverb M300 HP Reverb View
Silver Spring Reverb HP Reverb View
Class A Boost Micro HP PreAmp View
Lightspeed HP Distortion View
Vick Audio Tree of Life HP Distortion View
Rattler HP Distortion View
Fooz HP Synth Voice View
Swirl HP Phase Shifter View
Valcoder HP Tremolo View
ML5 HP MIDISwitchController View
PettyJohn Electronics Iron Drive HP Distortion View
Bright Onion Loop and Channel Switch HP ControllerUtility View
Bright Onion Loop/Channel Switch HP ControllerUtility View
Greer Lightspeed Black HP PreAmpDistortion View
The Ripple HP Phase Shifter View
Carl Martin Classic Chorus II HP Chorus View
Buffered Splitter HP Utility View
Classic 108 Mini Fuzz HP Distortion View
Deluxe HP Distortion View
Native Audio Ghost Ridge HP Reverb View
Superfuzz HP Distortion View
JB95 Wah HP Wah View

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Class A Boost Micro (5)
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