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Submitted Modules

RPT-1 Nova Repeater HP Delay View
M9 HP Multieffect View
POCKECHO Guitar Delay & Looper HP DelayLooper View
M5 Stompbox HP Multieffect View
Dispatch Master v2 HP DelayReverb View
Ditto Looper HP Looper View
Helix HX Effects HP Multieffect View
Dr. J Shadow Echo HP Delay View
Stereo Chorus Fx65 HP Chorus View
Lunar Phaser HP Phase Shifter View
V-10 HP Utility View
Lu 20 Tuner HP Tuner View
boss dd5 HP Delay View
Boss OD-2r Turbo OverDrive pedal HP Distortion View

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M173 Silicon Fuzz Classic 108 (5), Boss OD-2r Turbo OverDrive pedal (4), boss dd5 (3), Ditto Looper (3) and Lu 20 Tuner (3)
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