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YanHartLemonnier currently does not offer any modules on the marketplace

Submitted Modules

Chroma ConsolePedals
Squish AsPedals
Sentimental Bob Electronics TephraPedals
MG MonolithPedals
Thermion FreewayPedals
Zoom MS-50G+Pedals
The External / InternalPedals
Minirig 3Pedals
Drunk Beaver Tornado Phaser mkIIPedals
Drunk Beaver Trainer TS-15Pedals
Drunk Beaver Trainer TS-100Pedals
Drunk Beaver Tornado PhaserPedals
Drunk Beaver Taras Bulba v2Pedals
Drunk Beaver Taras Bulba v1Pedals
Loe Sounds Road-Ready FM ThingeePedals
Loe Sounds FM Thingee (Repurposed Enclosure)Pedals
Loe Sounds SuperfuzzPedals
DF Audio Nonopatch XPedals
DF Audio Nanopatch MPedals
Drunk Beaver Bloom v2Pedals
Drunk Beaver Ivan Mazepa Pedals
Drunk Beaver Inglorious BastardPedals
Drunk Beaver Heavy BatPedals
Drunk Beaver Fat BatPedals
Drunk Beaver Bat Cold War v2Pedals
Drunk Beaver FET OverBoosterPedals
Drunk Beaver DistortionPedals
Drunk Beaver Fuzz MasterPedals
Drunk Beaver FluffPedals
Mwfx Judder (2022)Pedals
Mwfx JudderPedals
Mattoverse Electronics - Inflection PointPedals
Beautiful Noise Effects ExploderPedals
Aclam Dr. Robert Unknown Pleasures LtdPedals
Aclam The Windmiller PreampPedals
Sil Kontrollet gant ar voltadurPedals
Coppersound Telegraph v2 Pedals
Jacques Bête NoirePedals
Jacques Electric SheepPedals
Jacques Fuse BlowerPedals
Jaques BatfuzzzPedals
ART Tube MP Studio V3Pedals
Homegrown Devices X / Y CV & Expression JoystickPedals
Life is Unfair Pineal GlandPedals
Jacques Electric LambPedals
29 Pedals FLWRPedals
Klein Bottle v2Pedals
Celmo Sardine CanPedals
Into the unknown guitar synthesizer deluxePedals

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Rated Modules

This User rated 5 modules.

Mwfx Judder (5), Minirig 3 (5), Beautiful Noise Effects Exploder (5), Akkusativ All Animation (5) and Bestie (5)
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