Geiger Counter Pro

Distortion Bitcrusher

Coming soon since 2011, the Geiger Counter pro is finally a reality.

All of the classic tone and digital destruction of the original plus tons of new useful features, this is the most powerful pedal WMD has made to date.

- 256 new wavetables! (512 wavetables in total)
- Wavetable "Morphing"
- 16 foot switchable and MIDI switchable Presets
- Proprietary VST for control via computer
- Easy to save and duplicate presets
- Full MIDI control over all parameters
- 2 assignable CV inputs
- Dry/Wet Mix
- End of chain Low Pass Filter
- Powered by a standard "boss" style 9V supply.

  • 137 mm wide
  • 120 mm high
? mA / ? V AC/DC

This Pedal is currently available.

$499 Price in € submitted Feb 21st 2018, 21:53 by chvad