3 HP
55 mm deep

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is currently available.

Euclidean Sequencer

4U version of the Tombola Euclidean Polyrythm Generator with MIDI

Clee Euclidean Sequencer

This module is based on code written by Tombola and further expanded by sneak-thief and Syinsi.

There are 4 tracks, each with a Length, Density and Offset control. The module takes the Density and Length of each track and distributes the ON stages as equally as possible over the chosen length (from 1 to 16 steps). The software is based on a paper by Godfried Toussaint available HERE

My build has expanded the code to include MIDI out, loading and saving sequences and sofware LED brightness control.

Also included is an output that is a voltage related to the vertical desity, how many of the 3 main tracks are active at the current step.

The outputs are switchable between triggers and gates that follow the clock pulse width.


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These merchants probably sell this module. Huh?