Metasonix/Serge Random*Source-style 4x4

RK7 Thyratron VCO and RK3 Mangler.

The RK7 uses a 5696 thyratron and 5702 subminiature pentode. Both of which are military surplus tubes used in avionics. The 5696s are still findable but getting scarce, and needs a higher plate voltage. This makes it more expensive than previous RKs. The RK7 tracks Hz/V just like previous iterations of the Thyratron VCO (R-55, the S-1000's oscillators, etc.). It is deeply weird, erratic, and raw. Don't expect it to be perfect. We've been making products with them for 20 years and still can't figure out the whole situation.

OCTAVE raises the pitch of the VCO two octaves when pushed up.
SIN/SAW allows the ability to switch between very crude variations of a sine and sawtooth waveform.
DRIVE enables waveform clipping from the pentode, just like in the R-55.
TUNE enables master tuning.

The CV IN controls the changes in pitch. By applying an audio signal from a conventional VCO, the RK7 may be forced to track the pitch of that VCO. A square or pulse waveform is preferred. The VCA CV IN may be used to control the output level of the RK7, as with a standard VCA. Note that the RK7 will produce maximum gain with nothing plugged into this input.

  • 40 mm deep

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

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