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Serge DSG in an oscillator ("TimeGen") configuration paired with a Serge SSG and Serge Noise

Carnivore combines three key Serge modules in only 4 inches: a Serge Smooth & Stepped Generator (SSG), a Serge Noise Source and a Dual Universal Slope Generator mk2 in a slim, oscillator-oriented version covering the functionality of what’s sometimes called “VC TIMEGEN” oscillator (and more). The SSG is a complex multi-functional module which can be patch pro- grammed to provide various slew and sample functions. The Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DSG) is probably the most versatile module of a Serge Modular system, incorporating a wide range of functions for both CV and audio. Serge Noise Source provides both white and pink noise waveforms as well as a S/H SRC that generates a special (“noisy”) waveform as an ideal input for Sammple & Hold functions to produce random voltages of equal probability.

The DSG mk2 version has been optimized for audio performance and speed/precision. The left side covers a frequency range up to more than 10kHz. It also offers improved tracking and some temperature compensation.

Left and right side of the DSG are seperated for minimum crosstalk (an unwanted and quite annoying effect in the Creature).



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