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Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

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Mantra is an extremely versatile Serge system and an ideal start in the Serge Modular music system.

The Serge MANTRA panel is a unique and very powerful Serge panel that comprises a number of modules and functions that have never been available before.

■Sequencer 8 (SEQ8): the classic Serge Sequencer optimized for audio speeds and with a new GATE output that allows the pushbuttons to be used asa mini-keyboard

.■Dual Universal Slope Generator XL (DSG mk2 XL): a massively enhanced 2018 version of the famous Serge DSG module. The DSG has been optimized for better tracking (up to 4 octaves), temperature stability and speed. On top of a DSG mk2, it features SINE(oid) outputs, NOT RISE outputs, additional VC BOTH inputs, a PULSE OUT in the top half plus an integrated Serge PEAK & TROUGH. Most likely the most versatile and powerful Serge module ever.

■Active Processor (ACPR): The top section is a new 2017 version design by Serge by Serge himself, improving the original linear crossfader. The bottom section is a new FLIP-FLOP module, that takes a pulse sequnce as input and generates alternating gate signals on the two outputs for a number of uses, such as pulse divider (/2) or sub-oscillator.

■Smooth & Stepped Generator (SSG): the R*S version of the classic Serge westcoast module, optimized for audio. The SSG is one of the deepest Serge modules, providing a number of uses: as oscillator / LFO, audio filter, glide, sample-and-hold and many more. In combination with the Serge Noise, the SSG can be patched as a Random Voltage Generator.

■Serge Noise (NOI): white noise, pink noise and a crazy saw as S/H source.

■Dual Slopes (DSG mk2) a.k.a. “TimeGen Osc”: another incarnation of the DSG mk2 where the left side is hard-wired to cycle for oscillator or LFO duties, offering the same improved tracking and stability.

■Variable Q Filter (VCFQ): the most popular, extremely versatile Serge filter offering simultaneous low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch (band-reject) outputs. The resonance (Q) of this filter is dynamically variable by manual or voltage control. The VCFQ has two signal inputs. One incorpo-rates an automatic gain control to prevent the filter from overloading at high Qsettings. The second input has a level control so that the percussive effects of overloading the filter can be exploited.

■X-Fader (XFAD): an audiophile version of Serge’s equal-power cross fade unit, featuring a bal-anced output. The exponential VCA section offers the unique Serge VCA response and beautiful overdrive possibilities.


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