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Serge Sequencer / Programmer 8 (SEQ8)

8 step sequencer/programmer

The Serge Sequencer / Programmer 8 (SQP8) can be used as a push-button, manual programmer and/or sequencer. The pushbuttons not only allow to select a certain stage, but also to set the length of the sequence in performance while a sequence is running. Other sequencieng capabilites include RESET, UP/DOWN and HOLD pulse inputs as well as a GATE output which allows to use the pushbuttons as a simple mini-keyboard. Another unique feature is the A minus B output which outputs the difference between the A and the B output.

The R*S version is optimized for speed and use in the audio range. This allows the use of the sequencer similar to a wavetable oscillator - using a clock of 8kHz (eg from a DSG mk2) generates output waveforms with a base frequency of 1kHz that still have sharp edges.

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