Quantizer (QUAN)


Quantizer (QUAN)

The QUANTIZER (QUAN) provides a simple means to turn any control voltage into voltage steps corresponding to well tuned (equal - tempered) tones of the musical scale. It is scaled to 1 volt per octave. Thus, a zero to +5 volt envelope at the Quantizer's input produces a staircase of voltages corresponding to a chromatic scale spanning five octaves.

If patched to the 1 volt per octave input of an oscillator tuned to "E", a gradual slope of 1 volt applied to the input of the Quantizer will produce the following steps of the musical scales:
E - F - F# - G - G# - A - A# - B - C - C# - D - D# - E. (normal chromatic scale)

If the 1/6 Scale Select is HIGH, then the scale produced will be:
E - F# - G# - A# - C - D - E. (whole - tone scale)

If the 1/3 Scale select is HIGH, then the scale produced will be:
E - G# - C - E. (scale of major third steps)

If both the 1/6 and 1/3 inputs are high, the scale will be:
E - F - G# - A - C - C# - E. (alternating half - step/minor third step)

Since the Scale Select inputs can be activated very quickly, the Quantizer can produce a very wide variety of tonal effects, quickly moving between four different types of musical scales (chromatic, whole - tone, the augmented triad, and a six - step major - minor scale often heard in certain oriental musics).

The basic Quantizer features seven or eight channels, depending on the model. Available as a "stand - alone" module, the Quantizer has seven channels and takes up two inches of panel space. Other models are available, however, with some of the channels "hard - wired" to provide quantized outputs for other Serge modules such as the various Sequencer Programmers and the Touch Keyboard... Accuracy of the Quantizer is 3 cents maximum deviation from the ideal equal - tempered semi - tone over a five octave range (i.e. just about the limits of pitch sensistivity of the human ear). Response time for all channels is about 8 milliseconds.

Recommended modules for placement adjoining the Quantizer on a Panel are the Analog Shift Register and the Processor.

(Text from EGRES)


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2 HP Quantizer
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