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Tactile Sensor panel for Models 222e and 223e

Extend your performance technique beyond spaghetti tossing and knob twiddling to the caress of Thunder and the zap of Lightning.

This three panel unit tactile sensor responds to a feather-weight touch, or to several pounds of pressure. An accompanying spatial sensor, mounted in the third row and occupying 1 panel unit, tracks the movement of the hands as they leave the confines of the surface.

The tactile surface is normally mounted in the first row of a 201e-12 or 201e-18 cabinet: alternatively, it may be mounted in the recently announced 201e-3u frame, relieving spatial binds in crowded systems.

An ergonomic array of 27 keys sense pressure and velocity; fourteen respond to location in one or two dimensions. Arrayed into multiple user-defined groups ranging in size from 1 to 25 keys, they produce a variety of user-programmed control voltages.

Location, pressure, impact and tuned voltages, as well as pulses, are presented at a total of 30 outputs. The LCD based user interface is remarkably simple and flexible.

Trigonometric detection of 2 wireless rings provides spatial information in three dimensions, with additional data provided by ring-mounted switches. Charging of the rings is accomplished by plugging them into powered USB sockets.

All settings, including key programming, can be memorized and recalled by the 225e or 206e preset manager

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