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We took the old 230 envelope detector, changed its name to better identify its function, improved its performance a bit, added a microphone preamplifier for use with live signals, and of course added capability for storing and retrieving presets.

The 230e´s envelope trackers have adjustable gains and variable response times. Their output levels are 10 volts full scale, with LED´s indicating intermediate values. Pulse outputs are triple state, responding to signal level changes as well as steady states, and may be coupled so as to respond to transient information even in the presence of background activity. Like pulling drum triggers from a mix. LED?s indicate pulse activity.

Wrapping up the 230e are three preamps, each with variable gain and dual input connectors (TRS or XLR). Balanced or unbalanced microphones or instruments can be accommodated; phantom power may be engaged if needed.

The preamplifier is provided with input and output connections to facilitate its use as a mixer; outputs are normaled to the envelope trackers? inputs, enabling independent use of the devices.

The microphone gains are not stored as part of a preset. All other settings can be stored with the aid of a 206e or a 225e preset manager.

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