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The Model 267e combines a noise source, a random voltage source, and a simple two channel filter.

Noise comes in three flavors. White noise is electrically flat, but acoustically balanced toward the high end of the spectrum (+3 db/octave). Integrated white noise has a low spectral bias (-3 db/octave). Musically flat noise has a flat spectrum (constant energy per octave) and is a particularly useful source for subsequent processing.

Fluctuating Random Voltages are continuously variable, with voltage control of bandwidth over the range of .05 to 50 Hz, making possible changes that vary from barely perceptible movement to rapid fluctuation. Applied pulses sample these voltages, providing stored random voltages with wide time correlations possible. Externally applied control voltages may be randomized to any desired extent.

Two bandpass filters are provided, with voltage control of pitch, bandwidth and modulation index, but without the morphing or summing capability of the 291e. The filter's inputs are normalized to the flat noise described above.

All settings of the 267e may be stored and recalled under control of the model 225e or 206e preset manager.

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