Hey everyone, Capt. Noobie here. Would anyone mind taking a look at my proposed rack and letting me know if there is a specific module placement within the rack you'd have all of these sitting? In order of functionality, like what modules should be placed right next to each other and work better with partner modules in this rack.

I'll be using a Microbrute as my controller btw. Thanks and much appreciated!!


You're a bit limited on space so you might have a time trying to reorganize the modules.

I group all my oscillators together, then all of my filters, then my VCAs. My envelope generators, LFOs, etc go together. Then my effects go together. My outputs are usually near my VCAs or effects.

Thanks for the reply and suggestion! I am limited on space, but don’t want to go t0o big, at least for now. Some of these (like the Erica Synths Multi to split the CV) I need specifically to help with the fact that I’ll be using a Microbrute, so was just wondering if I should have all of those modules together and then branch out from there. Is putting all of the like-modules together pretty much the standard, or is this your preference?

ModularGrid Rack
Sources are top-left, audio flows right thru filters and such. Maths and Turing Machine, plus P/S are lower-left to group mod sources, then the audio processing chain starts with the Freez to the Magneto. I/O is on lower right at the end of the processing set.

From my experience, following this sort of upward-on-left (control) and downward-on-right (audio) ordering method seems to work very well. You can clearly see the audio signal flow across the top row until it has to drop down to the processing and output, and the modulation is down and left so that it can reach "into" this path to affect the behavior of your sources and modifiers.

However, if you don't have a Clouds on hand already, you'll need to rethink that module, as it's been discontinued for quite some time. OTOH, removing it for a smaller third-party version would add some open space, and if that's the case, I strongly recommend adding some envelope gens to this alongside the Maths.

Thank you so much, this is great! I’d heard the modular community was very helpful and obliging, and I’m so used to reading comments sections nowadays devolve into the worst humanity has to offer that this makes me excited about my modular future. Hoping I can give others the same insight further down the road when finally know what I’m doing:)

I actually have a Clouds coming in the mail in the next couple days, so I’m happy I could snag one. Are there a couple env gens you’d recommend? As you’ve probably noticed, i’d be ok with some DIY modules that are lower hp (Warps & Plaits) to keep some room open for some of the bigger ones like Magneto and the SMR, so I’m fine with squeezing some smaller alternatives into this Rackbrute 3U. I’m usually a purest with instruments, but I’ve heard the Antumbra replications and some of the other DIY’s are fairly comparable. I’m open to any and all advice, though, as I’d like to start off on the right foot. It’s more about saving space than money atm.

Thanks again!

Also, if there’s anything you would swap out or change/move around for functionality/workability, I’d appreciate the insight.

Try this: remove the Rings and substitute Codex Modulex's uRinks, which is an 8 hp version of the 14 hp Rings. Then take out the Optomix (8 hp) and put in a Make Noise LxD (4 hp) instead. This gives you 10 hp free, into which you can drop a Xaoc Zadar, which then gives you four EGs plus a bunch of other functionality. Then to place it properly, move the Audio I/O up to the right end of the top row in the version I laid out, and put the Zadar to the right of either the Maths or TM. This retains your signal flow, although you do have that down-then-up dip for your effects at the end of the audio chain.

Nice, thanks, yeah the Zadar looks pretty cool. Xaoc’s Odessa looks fascinating as well. Alright I have all your suggestions laid out on my rack according to signal flow, and really appreciate the help! Will for sure reach out again if feeling overwhelmed.