This might be a weird one...

Wondering if there's a module or a way to take my single sine LFO and get the related quadrature outputs?
Is this doable? I figure I just need some sort of fixed phase shifter?

Hi s_____,

Have a look at the Erica Synth - Black Octasource, there you have 8 phase-shifted outputs equally spread over the 360º, thus 45º each. Is that what you are looking for?

I am having this module and I love it. This module is totally bananas and if you start modulating even your dullest modules, they become rather interesting :-)

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Perhaps a bit different than what you are envisioning, but Ornament and Crime has a program that will generate 4 lfo’s with defined phasing. I think its called Quadraturia.

Also, a hearty thumbs up for Octasource.

The d0 delay module seem to do this.

I use a Batumi which has quad and phase mode.

Vermona had something like that on display as a prototype at Superbooth last year IIRC. Hasn't turned up yet, though. You might want to try asking them about it.