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268e Graphic Waveform Generator

4 oscillator, dual algorithms (currently), virtual tape logger

The main idea is a virtual tape upon which any waveform is drawable, by hand or automatically. Possible everlasting phase-shifting makes the sound vivid and mercurial.

268e is a quad system so the user gets four oscillators, freely configurable. We started to design it as a compliment to our Model 220 but later realised that it fits perfectly in any controller paradigm.

Consists of four oscillators with whether shared or independent dynamic waveform database. Imagine an oscillator as a virtual logger tape with observable window upon which any kind of external processes can be recorded, graphically represented and immediately played back in an audio domain. The user interface includes display, speed control of virtual tape, various data input facilities, modulation bus control, logger algorithm selector and the small but useful computational engine that expands the functionality even further.
First of all, on algorithms. They define how exactly the logger behaves. The continuous is much like a meteorograph tracking ever-changing pattern with never-stopping high speed reel. The m’detector is like a seismograph and stays idle until some activity is detected. The algorithm is selectable with yellow button or by an external pulse. Each algorithm’s input source can be set in an easily mastered one-page menu. Just push the mod bus handle knob, select an object to change, push to “catch” it and dial the appropriate value, push again to select another object, and so on. Use the steady button to revert to normal operation.
The manual knob provides the first data input facility driving the virtual stylus. The second one is the cv input labeled external, while the third one, covered under the grey bananas array and named in menu as individual, implements the per- oscillator drawing.
The steady button acts by two different manners depending on selected algorithm. In continuous, it freezes the virtual tape until pressed again or an external pulse occurs on related input. Held in m’detector, it sample-and-holds the active input and fills the tape with constant value forming a horizontal line.


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