"Corlette" Dual Ring Modulator/Phase Splitter Model 2315

Patch-it-yourself Frequency Shifter Kit

This module pays tribute to the functional granularity of the 100 series by packing the functions needed for the core of a frequency shifter (two phase splitters, two balanced modulators, and sum and difference circuits) into a single panel. The phase splitters and balanced modulators can all be used as individual blocks, or they can be quickly and easily patched together with just four audio patch cords to give a working frequency shifter (just add an audio source, and a low frequency, low distortion sine source).

This iteration of the module uses the Motorola MC1595L reference balanced modulator circuit used in the Aries 315 and our own MM315 Euro module-it has 200kHz bandwidth and is very musical-good enough for gating!

The proof-of-concept of the module shown at SuperBooth 2019 used 196 circuit as stopgap phase splitters, but the final module will contain a custom-designed, high quality phase splitter, that will optimise performance of the frequency shift function.


  • 50 mm deep

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

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