Animated Tricillator - Model 2AT

Three syncable VCOs and 8 LFOs in one unit

The oscillators are built on the classic circuit used in the 80s by Roland, Sequential and others.
The new AS3340-HYP VCOs give us that silky smooth 80s feeling back again and take care of the pitch drift the classic CEM shows
It tracks fine over all 8 octaves..
All four wave form levels are CV controllable
There is an octave rotary switch, a sub oscillator and a front panel jumper selectable Mod CV (0-10V) out , scalable FM and CV control and of course full PWM control , all attenuverted
The 2AT has the FM inputs normalled to the outputs of the other oscillators and the configuration can be patched as well
The sync inputs can be connected with shorting bars to the adjacent mod outputs conveniently
The 3 single outs are mixed internally and are preset at the MIX OUT if no single out is used.
Optical clipping stages are present at OSC and MAIN stage

The left side of the module is a swarm LFO
One master frequency, set by a knob or an external input is re-used 7 times
The 8 frequencies can be offset in phase or frequency, always based on the master frequency.
It can go down to 0 Hz and freeze the levels at their present state
And every output can be adjusted directly at the output without the need for attenuators

There is also a shared pitch input with a 4 octave offset and level LED on the lower left side.
The upper left corner is the collective clipping and gain control

Available early 2020

  • 70 mm deep

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

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