2 HP
30 mm deep
$600 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

A new version of Ornament & Crime for the Buchla 208 Easel with added features

The new version with a BEMI compatible bus port and double buffered inputs and outputs
Same applications that available for the rack version, but with new circuitry and Easel adapted power supply.
Running a custom firmware this little helper adds hard wired CV input, CV output and triggers provided by the Easel.

Out A : Keyboard
Out B : Wave Shape
Out C : LPG 1
Out D : LPG 2

CV In A : Sequencer voltage levels
CV In B : Random voltage
CV In C : Envelope ASR
(if you have a Roman clone CV D is not wired by default)

Trig A : Pulser
Trig B : Sequencer step 1
Trig C : Sequencer selection by switch
Trig D : Sequencer step 3

Switches will deactivate the internal wiring.
Trim pots have been added to attenuate the incoming and outgoing CV even further.
Powered by the Easel card bus.
Standard version in brushed aluminium with blue print
Limited run for black Easels in black anodised aluminium white print.

The module is available for built to order (BTO)



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