1 HP
60 mm deep
$900 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

2x Ornaments and Crime for 4U with extra goodies

This is the last generation and is now discontinued
Click here to see the latests one:

One can now further adjust the incoming and outgoing voltages.
The same trim ports we feature in the cardOC are now in the big one as well.
We also unify the architecture so the same firmware will run the cardOC and the new 2OC
Another modification is the adaption of the 200e style look which we see more suitable for the reworked version and all future modules.
We also made the board smaller, moved the OLED down and addressed many oher little quirks that came up for version 1
We dropped the cross patching , LEDs and front USB to save cost and build time.

based on the ornament & crime (o_C) collaborative project by Patrick Dowling, mxmxmx, and Tim Churches.
All hardware adapted to Buchla standards by Sascha Haber
Concept and Idea : Marc Borri and Sascha Haber


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