1 HP
60 mm deep
$900 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Effect Processor - Model 2H9

H9 Rack mount conversion

The famous stomp box planted into the rack.

We are modding the existing pedal and provide a non destructive solution to have the amazing H9 in the Buchla world.
The 2 PCBs will be taken out of the original enclosure and additional connections (ca 25) will be mounted to the boards.
All back and side plugs will be converted into front sockets, including switching Mono/Stereo Audio, MIDI and USB.
We add two 12V DC/DC sockets to the panel to provide best possible access to power using the original wall wart.
Also we feature a circuit that allows 0-10V CV control of two of the freely assignable parameters.

You can provide a used H9 ..then you only pay for the conversion.
Best is to buy a new one and have it shipped to us by the shop directly
We can also buy a new pedal for you (Max, Core, Standard) but remember, the warranty is gone.

Price for the conversion is 300€ for all the parts, mounting and testing...plus shipping depending on your location...

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