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Ornament & Crime version 2.0 with additional features like cross patching

DUAL CV POLYMORPHER MODEL 2OC extended , expanded , cross modulated

based on the ornament & crime (o_C) collaborative project by Patrick Dowling, mxmxmx, and Tim Churches.
2x teensy 3.2 / DAC8565
2x quad 16-bit CV generator w/ OLED display
All hardware adapted to Buchla standards by Sascha Haber
Concept and Idea : Marc Borri and Sascha Haber

We are building on the success of the Euro port and offering an enhanced version for uni-polar voltages only
The hardware and firmware has been reworked to allow the integration on adjustable input and out potentiometers.
Level LEDs on both the outputs and inputs indicate the voltage after the attenuator.
You can now further adjust your incoming and outgoing voltages with those.
Another feature added is the cross patching.
All OUTs are normaled to the INs of the other side which provides some interesting modulation options, self sequencing, transposing Turing machines etc etc.
This can be switched on or deactivated with the buttons next to the attenuators.
Also we are offering front panel USB connections which makes updating the firmware much easier as the module remains mounted in the rack.
Another modification is the adaption of the 200e style look which we see more suitable for the reworked version.

The module will be available 2018 for pre-order at

  • 60 mm deep

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

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