CV Polymorpher + Time & Triggers - h series DIY

Ornaments and Crime for 4U h series
One can now further adjust the incoming and outgoing voltages.
The same trim ports we feature in the cardOC are now in the small one as well.
We also unify the architecture so the same firmware will run the cardOC and the new hOC
We dropped the LEDs and front USB to save cost and build time.
Cables and knobs are separated for easier access when patched

Based on the Temps Utile the 2TT provides five outputs of trigger pulses , clock sources and one optional sequencer or stepped random generator.
Furthermore the pulses can be combined using shorting bars from the 208 Music Easel providing polyrhythm generators.
The pulse length and various other parameters can be adjust , combined and saved into the module.

Both modules are also available as high quality DIY kits for 150€
2mm matte green PCBs, ENIG gold finish and the same front panels we use for the big modules.
Kits are available with extensively picture ladden building guides and all tech info is provided as well
Also there will be workshops in the US and Europe where we show you how to build those.

  • 40 mm deep

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is discontinued.

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