Polemixing filters + Classic Oscillator - h series DIY

A new take on the Multimode filter from the Roland, Oberheim and Elka times.
With a high dose of Mutable genes we created a dual filter that offers 15 different pole filters in serial or parallel combinations.
Switched jacks allow to run a super strong 7 pole low pass filter or gentle notch and phase combos.
Attenuated FM and direct CV for Cutoff and Resonance are on board.
The resonance can be tuned to match a full octave.

The oscillator is built on the classic circuit used in the 80s by Roland, Sequential and others.
Original CEM chips give us that silky smooth 80s feeling back again.
It tracks fine over all 8 octaves..
We also have an octave switch, a sub oscillator with dedicated CV (0-10V square) out , scalable FM and CV control and of course full PWM control especially for Nick ;)

Both modules are also available as high quality DIY kits for 150€
2mm matte green PCBs, ENIG gold finish and the same front panels we use for the big modules.
Kits are available with extensively picture ladden building guides and all tech info is provided as well
Also there will be workshops in the US and Europe where we show you how to build those.



  • 30 mm deep

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

$800 Price in €
Unlisted 1 HP OscillatorFilter
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