A digital trigger generator with a random gate, swing and ratcheting functionality

Based on the Temps Utile in the top and based on Dual Branches circuit running the Twigs firmware in the right side bottom part, the 2TT provides six outputs of trigger pulses , clock sources and one optional sequencer or stepped random generator.
Furthermore the pulses can be combined using shorting bars from the 208 Music Easel providing polyrhythm generators.
The pulse length and various other parameters can be adjust , combined and saved into the module.

Three clocks can be sent directly using bar into a Bernoulli Gate adjustable random coin toss section
Three more clocks can be sent into a swing or a ratchet generator.

Swing, ratchet and the probability of the Bernoulli can be CV controlled by either an external source or Output 4 of the Temps Utile in DAC mode with another shorting bar.

Pre-Order on www.northernlightmodular.com
Delivery : Early 2018

Price 800EU incl. world wide shipping with FedEx
25EU of every module will go to the Red Cross in the name of Olivier Gillet and Ari Russo (the creators of the firmware used in the two lower MCUs)
25Eu of every module also go to the developers of the Temps Utile


  • 30 mm deep

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

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