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Studio 200e/200 ophidian

The Rack contains 17 Modules.

  • My rammish Buchla shares 17 modules

    My rammish Buchla
  • Zzelig Buchla w/ 223 (ext) shares 9 modules

    Zzelig Buchla w/ 223 (ext)
  • Zzelig Buchla w/ 296e theoretical shares 9 modules

    Zzelig Buchla w/ 296e theoretical
  • My large buchla shares 12 modules

    My large buchla
  • 22U Buchla (223e in 4U) shares 9 modules

    22U Buchla (223e in 4U)
  • Zzelig Buchla w/ MARF shares 9 modules

    Zzelig Buchla w/ MARF
  • Full Buchla shares 12 modules

    Full Buchla
  • My torose Buchla shares 9 modules

    My torose Buchla
  • Dream Bucha Do-Funkk shares 9 modules

    Dream Bucha Do-Funkk
  • System 1 shares 12 modules

    System 1
  • buchla shares 9 modules

  • My bloodshot Buchla shares 9 modules

    My bloodshot Buchla