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Submitted Modules

InOut 6 HP ExternalMixer View
SYSTEM-500 512 16 HP Dual/StereoOscillator View
Quad VCA V2 11 HP MixerQuadVCA View
Double Andore 21 HP DigitalDual/StereoEnvelope GeneratorVCALFOMixer View
Tyme Sefari 2 15 HP DigitalSamplingDelayDistortionPitch Shifter View
Sound of Shadows 12 HP DelayDigitalEffectVCA View
Chord Machine 10 HP Quantizer View
Modulator 6 HP Ring Modulator View
SEM 20 14 HP Filter View
SW 914 Fixed Filter 4 HP Filter View
Mixer 8 HP MixerAttenuator View
SB4001 2 HP Dual/StereoDynamics View
Tyme Sefari 15 HP DigitalSamplingDelay View
Model 23 4 HP Sample and Hold View
Analog Delay 16 HP DelayEffect View
A-177-1 8 HP Controller View
Model 267e 1 HP FilterNoiseRandom View
SYSTEM-500 521 16 HP Dual/StereoFilter View
SYSTEM-500 540 16 HP Dual/StereoEnvelope GeneratorLFO View
SYSTEM-500 572 16 HP DelayLFOPhase ShifterEffect View
A-188-1A 14 HP Delay View
A-188-1Y 14 HP Delay View
A-139 8 HP External View
mod1 30 HP Envelope GeneratorLFO View
A-188-1B 14 HP Delay View
A-188-1D 14 HP Delay View
Dual Four Pole 21 HP Dual/StereoFilter View
Amplitude & Tone Controller 16 HP FilterVCADistortionLow Pass Gate View
MOTM 1490 Moog Ladder VCF 2 HP Filter View
MOTM 1800 Looping ADSR 2 HP Envelope Generator View
E350 Morphing Terrarium 14 HP DigitalOscillatorLFO View
Outs 6 HP External View
Multiple 2 HP MultipleDual/Stereo View
LFO2 6 HP Dual/StereoLFO View
Filter 12 HP Filter View
Dual VCA 8 HP VCAMixerDual/Stereo View
ADSR 6 HP Envelope Generator View
MIDI2 6 HP MIDI Interface View
M3 4 HP MixerMultiple View
GenXpander 8 HP CV ModulationWaveshaper View
Generator 10 HP OscillatorDual/Stereo View
VC Bend 6 HP CV Modulation View
Oscillator 8 HP OscillatorLFO View
A-134-1 8 HP VCAPanning View
Hyper Wien 6 HP CV ModulationLFORandom View
Ultima Ratio 8 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorEnvelope GeneratorDIY View
Ultima Ratio 2016 8 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorDIYEnvelope Generator View
Q125 1 HP PolarizerWaveshaperAttenuatorUtility View
A-176 8 HP ControllerCV ModulationUtility View
Bionic Lester 13 HP FilterDual/StereoClock ModulatorDigital View
Q146 1 HP MultipleUtility View
VXP1 14 HP Utility View
DMF-2 16 HP Dual/StereoFilter View
Q138 1 HP Blind Panel View
Q132 2 HP Blind Panel View
Q133 4 HP Blind Panel View
Q131 1 HP Blind Panel View
Q134 8 HP Blind Panel View
Q961 1 HP SequencerUtility View
Q962 1 HP Switch View
Q960 8 HP Sequencer View
Q143 2 HP Utility View
Q101 1 HP Power View
Q109 1 HP Envelope Generator View
Q117 1 HP Sample and Hold View
Q147 1 HP Mixer View
Q130 1 HP Distortion View
Q116 1 HP Ring Modulator View
Q113 2 HP Mixer View
Q149 1 HP Switch View
Q108 1 HP VCA View
Q162 1 HP FilterMixer View
Q107 2 HP Filter View
Q150 2 HP Filter View
Q115 1 HP EffectReverb View
Q110 1 HP Noise View
Q124 1 HP Multiple View
Q106 2 HP Oscillator View
FrequenSteiner 16 HP Filter View
Unify 12 HP MixerPanning View
3CO 6 HP Oscillator View
Q112 1 HP Mixer View
Q120 1 HP External View
Model 285e 1 HP CV ModulationPitch Shifter Ring Modulator View
Q105 1 HP Slew Limiter View
Q140 1 HP EqualizerFilterUtility View
Q141 1 HP Oscillator View
Q122 1 HP Utility View
Q104 1 HP MIDI Interface View
SOB 8 HP FilterWaveshaper View
Q172 1 HP QuantizerUtility View
7 lifes - Surprised Cat 7 HP Blind Panel View
Q963 1 HP SequencerUtility View
Model 281e 1 HP Function GeneratorQuadLFOEnvelope Generator View
Model 292e 1 HP FilterVCALow Pass Gate View
Model 250e 2 HP Function GeneratorSequencer View
7 lifes - Angry Cat 7 HP Blind Panel View
TTLFO 10 HP LFOClock Modulator View
SW CP3 Mixer 1 HP Mixer View
SW 911 1 HP Envelope Generator View
SW 904 A VCF 2 HP Filter View
SW 902 VCA 1 HP VCA View
Logo Panel 4 HP Blind Panel View
A-100B2 2 HP Blind Panel View
LC53A Love Child 1 HP DIYEqualizer View
553F VTC 1 HP DIYEqualizer View
Stereo Toolbox 2 HP Dual/StereoDynamics View
S-Type 500 2 HP Dual/StereoDynamics View
Hippo 2 HP Dual/StereoDynamics View
Tube Distortion VCA 11 HP AttenuatorDistortionVCATube View
Model 207e 1 HP Mixer View
Model 225e 1 HP MIDI Interface View
Model 266e 1 HP NoiseRandom View
Model 291e 1 HP Filter View
Model 259e 1 HP Oscillator View
Q118 1 HP ExternalEnvelope Follower View
n0 12 HP Clock ModulatorDigitalFilterLFONoiseSample and HoldSlew LimiterCV ModulationRandom View
m0 12 HP AttenuatorEnvelope GeneratorMixerRing ModulatorVCACV Modulation View
Cyclebox 16 HP DigitalOscillator View
Frequency Shifter 3 HP Waveshaper View
K1600 MIDI Converter 12 HP MIDI Interface View
Q137 1 HP Power View
Q142 1 HP Controller View
Q161 1 HP MixerOscillator View
Q171 1 HP Quantizer View
Model 296e 2 HP FilterEqualizer View
Model 206e 1 HP Mixer View
Model 297 1 HP Phase Shifter View
Q102 1 HP Power View
Q103 1 HP Power View
Q111 1 HP Panning View
Q119 8 HP ControllerSequencer View
Q121 1 HP Utility View
Q123 1 HP Oscillator View
Q127 4 HP EqualizerFilter View
Q128 1 HP Switch View
Model 210e 1 HP SwitchMultiple View
Model 222e 1 HP Controller View
Model 223e 1 HP Controller View
Model 227e 2 HP EqualizerExternalMixer View
Model 230e 1 HP Envelope FollowerExternal View
Model 251e 1 HP Sequencer View
Model 256e 1 HP CV Modulation View
Model 261e 1 HP Oscillator View
Model 272e 1 HP External View
Meaow (Prototype) 7 HP Oscillator View
ModuleModule Model 041 1 HP Utility View
Model 222e 3 HP Controller View