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Submitted Modules

Util 2 44 HP AttenuatorEnvelope GeneratorLFOMixerPolarizerUtility View
Util 1 44 HP MixerRandomSlew LimiterUtility View
Exit 16 HP PowerUtility View
QS+ 8 HP MixerVCA View
Quadsum (CV) 16 HP MixerVCA View
Quadsum (audio) 16 HP MixerVCA View
Two Lfo's prototype 16 HP Clock GeneratorLFOOscillator View
EVC+ 8 HP Filter View
EVC Filter 16 HP Filter View
Two Gates 16 HP VCA View
Variphase 16 HP LFOOscillatorRing ModulatorVCAPhase Shifter View
VCO II 16 HP LFOOscillator View

Rated Modules

This User rated 3 modules.

Partials prototype. (5), Variphase (5) and Black Wavetable VCO (2)
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