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Gonzophone 2x114 current Eurorack View
Asys Row Eurorack Private
Sample Playing Toy 2x84HP Eurorack View
Modulute Eurorack View
WS 42HP Subtractive Eurorack Private
WS 42HP External Eurorack Private
WS 42HP Wave Eurorack Private
ES Biest 2x104HP Eurorack View
WS 42HP PM Eurorack Private


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Submitted Modules

RS-390 8 HP DelayDigital View
WVX 8 HP Waveshaper View
SW1 4 HP MultipleSwitch View
LS1 (jacks up) 4 HP Controller View
ADDAC001 VCC V2 16 HP Function Generator View
ADDAC301C 4 HP Switch View
ADDAC001 VCC V1 16 HP Function GeneratorMIDI InterfaceUtility View
ADDAC009 MIDI I/O 6 HP MIDI Interface View
Dual WASP 16 HP FilterDual/Stereo View
Pre 5 HP ExternalPreAmp View
WVX Version 1 16 HP Waveshaper View
Variable Slope VCF 14 HP FilterMixer View
R1Gslew 4 HP MultipleSlew Limiter View
LP1lightplane (jacks up) 16 HP Controller View
GZP Waveshaper 32 HP FilterWaveshaper View
Delay1022 v2 12 HP Delay View
P-060 4 HP SwitchDIYExpander View
UL1 4 HP DigitalEffectUtilitySampling View
MIDI THRU-4 8 HP UtilityMIDI Interface View
dep2b 90deg 24 HP Effect View
Falafular R2DSlew 6 HP Slew LimiterDual/Stereo View
Voice of Saturn VCF 15 HP FilterVCA View