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Tcherepnin playground Serge Private
euro - IN / european planning Eurorack Private
euro - UT Eurorack Private
Bug live system 2013-03, 3x11 fw Frac Private
Bug Sören Frac Private
euro Possession (kronologi, inköp) Eurorack Private
euro case 2013 Eurorack Private
Bug live system 2013-06 (+2 Serge M-panels) Frac Private
Bug live system 2013-07 Frac View
euro live 2011-10 Eurorack Private
euro - SÅLT (eller bytt bort) Eurorack Private
Bug 2013-11 imaginary timbral objects Frac Private
DIY DIY DIY DIY Eurorack Private
bug - fractional swaps? Frac Private
Bug live system 2013-12 (Modularorkestern) Frac Private
euro Incantation (for Gállok) januari Eurorack Private
euro live 2014-02 (6u, 84hp +Planar) Eurorack Private
euro NOISEbox test 1 Eurorack Private
euro live 2014-04-04 (+bananas) Eurorack Private
Bug live system 2014-04 (+ Addac803 etc) Frac Private
bug - Fraced out Frac Private
Euro reversed phase! (copy) Eurorack Private
medis5 2014-04-28 RYTM Eurorack Private
medis5 2014-05-05 strängar Eurorack Private
medis5 2014-05-26 KRAUT Eurorack Private
euro live 2014-06 (6u, 84hp) Eurorack Private
Bug live system 2014-05 Runolf collab Frac Private
euro live 2014-12-20 (tamtam-processor) Eurorack Private
Grisen (3u, 104hp) super expander Eurorack Private
euro live 2015-04-16 / 05-30, 6u, Holy Mountain II Eurorack Private
Buchla diy 2x4 Buchla Private
Buchla höstpatch 2014 Buchla Private
euro SPRAK live A: 2015-03 torshälla, B: 2015-12 gläns över, C: 2016-03-01 knaster, D: 2017 Bayeux Eurorack Private
Bug starter Frac Private
euro live 2015-07 Dalarna, gong-komp, 44+12hp +Bug PTdelay Eurorack Private
euro SYNTHI Eurorack Private
euro SYNTHI 3 Eurorack Private
grundsystem Eurorack Private
euro live 2015-10-20 Radio, 44+16 hp + Frostwave Resonator (ack. morin-khuur) Eurorack Private
euro SYNTHI 4 Eurorack Private
euro SYNTHI 5 Eurorack Private
Grisen (3u, 104hp) super expander mk2 Eurorack Private
euro MIXER skiff (utan EQ: trubbigt, med: klumpigt) DYRT Eurorack Private
euro SUI CREATION Eurorack Private
euro Possession (funktion) Eurorack Private
Serge plans Serge Private
Serge in eurorack Eurorack Private
Bug 2x11 + 2x16 fw Frac Private
Bug 2-framer (utbildning2) Frac Private
euro live 2016-04-23, 6u, memory transponder (och 2016-06-10) Eurorack Private
euro Time code Eurorack Private
euro live 2016-04-30, 3u, ValborgsNOISE (+ Weevil08, morin khuur, tri-metal, ms50g) Eurorack Private
Bug 2-framer (utbildning) Frac Private
euro station 3x84 A Eurorack Private
euro FLUTE 1 Eurorack Private
euro live 2016-12-10/17 2x84hp + PT Delay: Relocating holy ground Eurorack Private
Euro Project 2018 Eurorack Private
Euro ström Eurorack Private
euro live 2017-04-29 Aotearoa (7u) +fågelljud +SonicForest +redpanda Eurorack Private
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Submitted Modules

C/M 1 HP AttenuatorUtility View
DTG 2 HP Clock GeneratorEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorDual/Stereo View
SSG / DTG / Noise 4 HP FilterFunction GeneratorLFONoiseOscillatorRandomSample and HoldSlew Limiter View
Ditto X2 Looper HP LooperDual/Stereo View
Control 4HP Ruler Blank (black) 4 HP Blind Panel View
Roto-Machine HP Dual/StereoPhase ShifterModeling/SimulationDigitalRotary View
Tap Tremolo HP DigitalDual/StereoTremoloDynamics View
Space Chorus HP ChorusDigitalDual/StereoModeling/Simulation View
Liqua-Flange HP DigitalDual/StereoFlangerModeling/Simulation View
Verbzilla HP DelayDual/StereoReverbDigitalModeling/Simulation View
432K Distortion Box HP DistortionFilter View
Hyper Lead HL-01 HP DistortionEqualizerPreAmp View
Power Drive PD-01 HP DistortionEqualizerPreAmp View
Tri Metal TM-01 HP DistortionEqualizer View
Ultra Fuzz UF-01 HP DistortionEqualizer View
Lovetone Meatball HP Filter View
Resonator HP Filter View
CrossOver Filter HP Dual/StereoFilterPreAmp View
PT Delay Standard 2016 HP DelayEqualizerPreAmp View
Invert Mix 2 HP MixerUtilityPolarizer View
3x VCA 6 HP VCAMixer View
ADDAC805 VC Xfade / Panner 4 HP MixerPanningVCA View
ADDAC504 Probabilistic Generator 10 HP Random View
ADDAC501 Complex Random VS2 8 HP RandomCV Modulation View
MUTE 4 3 HP MixerUtilityQuad View
U-080 Fix CV 4 HP UtilityController View
Dual VC Resonant Gate 12 HP Dual/StereoLow Pass GateFilter View
Tetrapad 20 HP Controller View
U-070 Gate/Tap 4 HP Clock GeneratorController View
A-410 Pan/Mix 4 HP MixerPanningVCA View
1050 Mixer Sequencer 16 HP MixerSequencerSwitch View
ADDAC212 EG Att. Pack 6 HP AttenuatorUtility View
Organ Filter 8 HP Filter View
Model 10 Dual DASD Envelope Generator 20 HP DigitalDual/StereoEnvelope Generator View
Recovery Effects - Cutting Room Floor 14 HP DelayDistortionEffect View
Bi-directional Router 2 HP Switch View
UTLX 1 HP External View
BMC41 CV Spreader 6 HP CV ModulationPolarizerUtility View
Stereo Compress 5 HP DynamicsExternalEqualizer View
Mindreader 8 HP Envelope FollowerExternalFilterCV ModulationFunction GeneratorPreAmpDynamics View
SumVert (silver) 6 HP MixerUtility View
Tile Blanks - Dual 12 HP Blind Panel View
Quadrature Low Frequency Oscillator 16 HP LFO View
BMC34 Switched Resistor VCF 10 HP Filter View
PT Delay Standard 2015 3 HP DelayEffectEqualizerExternal View
Recovery Effects - Bad Comrade 14 HP DelayDistortionEffect View
DD1 1 HP Low Pass GateRing Modulator View
ENV1 1 HP Envelope GeneratorOscillator View
SYN1 2 HP LFOOscillator View
UTL2B 1 HP Mixer View
CTL1 3 HP Controller View
CTL1 3 HP ControllerSequencer View
CTL2 2 HP Controller View
DD2 1 HP LFOMixer View
ENV1 1 HP Envelope GeneratorOscillator View
PRC1 1 HP DelayEffect View
SYN2A 1 HP LFOOscillator View
UTL1 1 HP External View
Multimode Filter 10 HP FilterMixer View
264 1 HP LogicSample and Hold View
Model 249e 2 HP Dual/StereoSequencer View
260 1 HP View
246 5 HP SequencerClock Generator View
217 5 HP View
280 1 HP Envelope GeneratorQuad View
Kala Goañv 8 HP DistortionFilter View