Mic / Line Preamplifier

The CAPI VP26-Pt is part of our new assembled only, Platinum line of modules. The VP26-Pt is based on its kit counterpart with a few extra special features.

We created the Platinum line so we could build modules and not compete or be confused with the massive buy/build/sell movement that has grown beyond belief over the last many years. Whenever you see a CAPI-Platinum module, rest assured knowing it was built by hand, by us right here in Nashville Tennessee.

The mic audio path is very much similar to the popular kit VP26. The main changes are Platinum exclusive CA2618 1:8 input transformers and Platinum exclusive CA2623-Pt Litz wire output transformers. In addition, Scott Liebers has created a ground up exclusive Platinum Super Dot opamp. Scott has referred to the Super Dot as his best sounding opamp yet!

A FET Direct Inject has been added to the front panel of all Platinum preamps. The front panel jack is auto switching so inserting a 1/4" plug automatically activates DI mode. In a quest to create a very good utility DI, it seems as though we have created a great one! Its our own ground up circuit that goes thru the input transformer for some extra harmonic love.

We have added a stepped output pad that follows the output transformer. The pad goes from 0dB to -30dB in 6dB increments. User tip; do not engage the mic pad when tracking drums. Turn the Preamp Gain fully CCW, pad the output by 12dB and enjoy.

All Platinum preamps have a buffered two pole (-12dB) 80Hz High Pass Filter. We reached out to our professional engineer friends and 80Hz was the unanimous choice for a single frequency filter.

All Platinum preamps have a selectable input impedance. 1k or 3k for the VP26-Pt. 3k can be very useful for ribbon mics or just a great tonal option for any other microphone.

Key Operating Features:

In MIC mode, the stepped PREAMP GAIN ranges from +27dB to +61.7dB.

In LINE mode (MIC pushbutton out or disengaged), the stepped PREAMP GAIN ranges from -10.8dB to +23.9dB, with an input impedance of 10K ohms.

The PAD pushbutton equates to 18dB of attenuation in either MIC or LINE mode.

In LINE mode with unity gain settings, the VP26-Pt's clipping level is +29dBu.

Accurate metering of the final output signal is achieved using LM339 quad comparators in a 'console' style configuration.

Physically and electronically fully VPR compliant with current draw less than 84mA per rail (under typical operating conditions)


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1 HP PreAmp
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