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11/26/20 $500.00  Sound Skulptor CP5176
FET Compressor 1176 Clone
USA Really nice 1176 style compressor for the 500 series format. Has all the character of t...  View
11/24/20 $255.97  dbx 560A
500 Series Mono VCA Compressor Limiter
USA This used item has been thoroughly checked out by our experts to make sure it is in per...  View
11/24/20 $500.00  Sound Skulptor CP5176
FET Compressor 1176 Clone
USA Purchased this Sound Skulptor CP5176 right around the time I stopped doing any live tra...  View
11/24/20 $371.54  HRK EQ5169
3 Band Equalizer from 80’s
EU due pandemic i have to sell a few of my 500 modules , i brought them in august 2020 an...  View
11/23/20 $790.00  AML EZ1073-500
Class A, mic pre-amp, line amp and EQ/Filter
USA Excellent condition and excellent sounding! I wish I could afford to hold onto this, bu...  View
11/22/20 $928.84  DIYRE EQP5 Passive Equalizer
The EQP5 is a premium tone-shaping EQ based on the prized Pultec EQP filter circuitry.
EU Selling my DIYRE Pultecs with Capi Opamps. Nice wide and warm tone because of these...P...  View
11/17/20 $270.00  Lindell Audio 7X-500
FET compressor/limiter
USA Lindell Audio 7x-500 FET Compressor.Modelled after the 1176.This is a brand new item on...  View
11/17/20 $220.00  DIYRE CP5 Colour Mic Preamp
3 colour modules in 1 500 rackunit
USA Great condition, no issues [![DIYRE CP5 Colour Mic Preamp](  View
11/15/20 $425.00  Tonelux TX5C
USA Amazing module! Really warm and versatile.##The Tonelux TX5C 500 Series compressor modu...  View
11/15/20 $425.00  Sound Skulptor TS500
Analog Tape Simulator
USA This is a sweet unit that I built. To be another cog in your sound arsenal. It is a sub...  View
11/13/20 $899.00  AMS Neve 1073LBEQ
1073LBEQ Mono EQ Module
USA AMS Neve Module:  1073LBEQBarely used and only lightly. Incredible sound qual...  View
11/09/20 $250.00  Radial PhazeQ
Adjustment Tool
USA The Radial Engineering PhazeQ 500 Phase Alignment Tool & Filter Module is a du...  View
11/08/20 $2,050.00  API 550b
Discrete 4 Band EQ
USA These two units were serviced by API in December 2019. Op amp(s) in one of the units st...  View
11/06/20 $2,150.00  API 525
Discrete Compressor, Re-Issue
USA Here’s a vintage pair of 525’s that were just gone through by Matt DelVecchio (dr.bass)...  View
10/31/20 $595.00  Elysia mpressor 500
mono vca compressor
USA Excellent condition!—The mpressor 500 brings the signal-shaping prowess of elysia’s acc...  View
10/29/20 $210.00  DIYRE Colour Palette MK2
Colour Palette 500-Series MK2 Kit
USA DIYRE Colour palette with 15IPS tape saturation, and two DIYRE high pass filter modules...  View
10/28/20 $614.92  HRK C533
Analog Saturation Colour Processor with TILT EQ
EU Includes2x soviet valve2x 80s tape simulator2x air harmonic xciter [![HRK C533](https:...  View
10/20/20 $375.00  Golden Age Project EQ-573
Class-A 3-Band EQ
USA Pair of 573s. I will remove from the rack and box them up in the original boxes and shi...  View
10/18/20 $201.33  dbx 530
500 Series 3-band Parametric Equalizer, with Switchable Peak/Shelf Curves for Low and High Bands, and Infinite Notch Mode for Extreme Attenuation
EU Like new. I've used it a dozen times, always in my smoking free studio. [![dbx 530](ht...  View
10/18/20 $500.00  Lindell Audio RE51
USA Fantastic condition, a bad ass preamp but I made some purchases that are covering pream...  View
10/05/20 $450.00  DIYRE EQP5 Passive Equalizer
The EQP5 is a premium tone-shaping EQ based on the prized Pultec EQP filter circuitry.
Asia The EQP5 is a premium tone-shaping EQ based on the prized Pultec EQP filter circuitry....  View
10/04/20 $600.00  dbx 565 Dual-band Optical Compressor
500 Series Dual-channel Multi-frequency-band Optical Compressor with Independent Compression, Attack, and Release Controls
USA Brand new, old stock.1987 (?)Still sealed in plastic. Only “mint” because I’m not an au...  View
09/29/20 $970.65 MP2 MKII
dual mic preamp 500 series module
EU Matériel neuf Pas servi [![AL.SO MP2](  View
09/23/20 $499.99  Tonelux MP-5A
USA This Tonelux MP5A discrete preamp is in very good condition.  It is in our glass displa...  View
09/21/20 $199.99  Black Lion Audio Auteur 500 MKII
Preamp for 500 Series
USA Black Lion Audio Auteur MKII 500 Series Mic Preamp Module. Box not included. Item is un...  View
09/13/20 $1,079.30  Sound Skulptor CP4500 Stereo Bus compressor
CP4500 Stereo Bus compressor for the '500' Lunchbox - Kit
EU Sound Skulptor CP4500 SSL Bus Conpressor - The BEST true to the original SSL design usi...  View
08/26/20 $614.27  Sound Skulptor MP599 Microphone preamplifier
MP599 Microphone preamplifier for the '500' Lunchbox - Kit
EU Microphone PreAmp for the '500' format ("Lunchbox"). The MP599 has been developed by ...  View

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