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565 Dual-band Optical Compressor


500 Series Dual-channel Multi-frequency-band Optical Compressor with Independent Compression, Attack, and Release Controls

By controlling the dynamics of two frequency bands separately, the dbx 565 dual-band optical compressor puts excellent sound-shaping options in your hands, both for live sound and studio applications. The 565 utilizes a Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order (24dB/octave) crossover slope and a 16-stage frequency selector in addition to independent Compression, Attack, and Release controls for each band. At Sweetwater, we found that the 565's controls put our sound completely under our command. An analog VU meter and LED gain reduction display lets you keep a dutiful eye on your levels. Your 500 Series rack is missing something - the dbx 565 dual-band optical compressor!

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