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2 Channel (Stereo) Saturation Colour Processor

C2584 is a Dual Mono (Stereo) Colour Processor unit that fits in a single 500 rack space. C2584 can be used for Mastering and to process line-level signals from DAW or electronic instruments.

Each Channel has 2 Colour Module Slots compatible with DIYRE Colour Format – 4 Colour Modules in total per single 500 rack space.

Left and Right channels can be connected in series (with additional TRS cable) to use all 4 Colour Modules in Mono configuration.

Left and Right channels have separate balanced Line Inputs on the Front Panel. Pair of standard TRS cables are required to process the stereo signal or two independent tracks.

Use your favourite Colour Modules to do the Mastering of your finished Stereo MIX.


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