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C544 (New Switch Version)


Analog Saturation Processor with 4 Colour Slots

The C544 is a Mono Colour Processor with four Colour Module Slots, designed to process the sound with the use of Colour Modules by saturating and adding subtle harmonics to the signal, similar to the harmonics added by the vintage studio equipment.

Each Colour Module stage has Drive/Trim circuit with 1:1 Ratio. The dual potentiometer controls the Drive Gain before the Colour Module and the Attenuation of the output signal from the Colour Module.

As a result, the Colour module Drive Insensitivity increases while the output level remains the same.

Each Colour Module stage has the Bypass Switch which allows the easy A/B operation.

The C544 has the +/-6dB Master Output Trim and the Master Bypass with the LED indicator.

The Master Bypass is located after the Master Output Trim.

The C544 is a must-have addition to your studio setup if you looking for an upgrade from digital plugins.

Active Low Noise Colour Drive Circuit
The C544 has an active Gain Control Circuit. The first half of the Gain/Trim Dual Potentiometer is actively changing the Drive Gain.

Less Drive = less Gain, which means less noise in the background.

Other designs may use a fixed gain drive circuitry, which produces much higher noise floor levels. If more than one fixed gain stage are combined in series, the noise may become audible.

C544 will always deliver the lowest possible noise floor level. The C544 was designed from the beginning to be used by professionals in demanding studio applications.

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