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Passive Valve Two Band Equalizer

The EQ550P is a Passive Tube-based 2 Band Shelf Equaliser inspired by the famous Pultec design.

Each Band has a separate Boost and Cut Control which allows creating the sophisticated EQ curves.

Each Boost or Cut control has three different and independent frequency settings which give a total of 9 setting combinations per Band.

The Passive filter section changes the EQ curve by attenuating the signal. The Tube gain stage restores the signal to the nominal level adding the combination of harmonics and transients.

The EQ550P is very musical and easy to use. It can process any music material, instruments, vocal or recordings, producing amazing results.

The Valve – Discrete Transistors Hybrid circuit is the result of a long development process. It produces real Tube harmonics and reaches tone while maintaining the noise on an extremely low level.

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