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Harmonics Analog Saturation Processor and Tape Emulator

The ST596 adds harmonics and saturation to any music material providing full control of the harmonics amount and the Dry and Wet signal level.

The ST596 is based on the Custom HRK Analog Modeling circuitry built with discrete components, which produces a complex spectrum of harmonics.

The ST596 does not significantly change the overall peak level of the processed waveforms, nor distort the source signal, like in the common saturation studio hardware.

The ST596 Analog Tape Emulator circuitry is based on the discrete germanium and silicon transistors, including the FET transistor, and delivers the subtle final touch to the processed signal.

Custom coupled inductors act like the write and read tape heads, adding harmonics of the tape recorder.

The level of the tape saturation can be controlled by the level of the signals sent from the WET and DRY knob.

The tape harmonics can be blended with the Tape Mix knob.

The LF Resonant circuit can be engaged with the onboard jumper, which is useful for vocals and the lead instruments.

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