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Dual Band VCA Compressor

ARREL Audio R-506 is an advanced dual/mono band VCA based compressor, conceived to offer to the 500 series user the superior audio performance of the ARREL audio high level products. The R-506 is characterized by high reliability, rugged design, outstanding audio quality, versatility and ease of use typical of the tradition of ARREL Audio products. The R-506 is characterized by an extreme flexibility in a single slot 500 module. It includes the following features:

ARREL high audio quality input and output buffers, dual envelope detector and dual VCA architecture, variable crossover with two bands (50-500 Hz, 500-5000Hz), Attack and Release three position switches separate for the LO and HI frequency bands, mode switch: Mono Band, Mono Band with LO cut on the envelope detector and Dual Band, Compression Ratio and Threshold knobs for the HI and LO band, Compressed HI and Compressed LO mix knob, Dry-Wet mix knob (for mono and dual band parallel compression), Flexible metering system (Compression HI, Compression LO, global output level), Side Chain External input, Side chain stereo link input, True by-pass function.

The R-506 provides four operative modes: single band compressor (full band on the envelope detector), single band compressor (LO cut on the envelope detector), Dual Band compressor with 50-500 Hz of crossover bands and Dual Band compressor with 500-5000 Hz of crossover bands.

An Internal dip switch can be used to set up different mix of LO and HIGH signals at the input of the respective envelope detector circuits. R-506 is the one of the ARREL 500 series modules (the other models are R-501, R-502, R-503, R-504, R-505) designed to give to the professional user the best audio tools for its application. To obtain an outstanding audio quality, no servo amplifiers are used in the R-506 so it is not possible to unbalance the line out of the R-506.

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