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Micpre Two

MICPRE TWO is the second in our flagship “Designed by Langley” series of microphone pre-amplifiers

MICPRE TWO follows the topology of the transformerless microphone preamplifier employed on the Amek Rembrandt console, with the use of dual ganged potentiometer arrangement to provide greater linearity of the gain control, compared with the use of a single ganged potentiometer. This was derived from the Amek Angela and the M2500 console preamplifiers. MICPRE TWO provides exceptional noise performance even at low gain settings.

A high impedance balanced instrument input is provided, accessed by a front panel jack socket. Provision is also made for connection to MID-SIDE ONE M-S Encoder/Decoder and an output splitter in 1U 19” rack configuration. Gain is continuously variable from 0dB to 66dB. A PHASE reversal switch and a -15dB PAD switch are provided. A meter measures the signal output from an internal source.

Typical specifications:

Mic. input impedance:

5k ohms, PAD IN >4.5k ohms.

Instrument input impedance:

1.5M ohms

Frequency response:

+/- 0.5dB, 20Hz-80 kHz (up to 60dB gain).

Phase response (EQ out):

+/-30 deg., 20Hz-80 kHz (up to 60dBgain).

Mic input maximum input level:

+21dBu (+28dBu with pad)

Maximum output (into 100k ohms): +26dBu
THD&N (+10dBu input signal):
< 0.05%, 20Hz-20 kHz (up to 60dB gain).

Mic. EIN:
22Hz-22 kHz, RMS, 150 ohm source: -127.5dBu.

Minimum gain output noise:

22Hz-22 kHz, RMS, 150 ohm source: -99dBu.

Output impedance : 75 ohms


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