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Discrete Microphone Preamplifier

Our legendary 9762 preamplifier in now available in the 500 series format! This is the same design as the original 19″ rack mount 9762 Dual Combo design, but with some new features added. No corners were cut porting this design to the 500 series format. Now you can get the original 9762 preamp and line-amp designs in the 500 series module! The beefy line amplifier and gain blocks are the very same designs as used in our original 9762 rack unit preamplifier. This module will deliver the full +27dBu output level just like the original 9762.

The 9762A also includes a few new features not found in our original 19″ unit version. We added an all discrete 100Hz -12dB/octave high pass filter to roll off undesirable low frequency content when needed. We also expanded the LED VU meter to 8 segments and improved the meter ballistics. The SP (signal present) and OL (overload) LED indicators provide the same visual indicators with peak hold indication. The heavy-duty gain switch and output level potentiometer are the same exact parts as used in the original design.


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