1 HP
53 mm deep
Current Draw
35 mA +15V
25 mA -15V
100 mA 5V
$275 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

GMS-214 Multimode Filter

15 Different Filter Modes and VC Resonance

This multimode filter has two signal inputs mixed at unity gain and allows selection of one of fourteen possible filter configurations from front panel switches. If the resonance control is set high enough, the filter will start to oscillate.

Three CV inputs are provided. A 1V/Octave input controls the filter cutoff frequency in conjunction with the panel frequency control. A second frequency CV input has a level control, the resulting voltage being added to or subtracted from the base cutoff frequency resulting from the panel frequency control and 1V/Oct inputs. A resonance CV input followed by an attenuverter is combined with the panel resonance control to determine the amount of resonance that will occur. If the resonance control ia turned past about 80, the filter will start to oscillate with a clean sine waveform.

The MU version is housed in a 1MU (2.125 inch wide by 8.75 inch high) panel with DOTCOM compatible power connector.


1P Lowpass
1P Highpass
2P Lowpass
2P Bandpass
2P Band Notch
2P Band Notch +1PLP
2P Highpass
2P Highpass +1PLP
3P Lowpass
3P Highpass
3P Highpass +1PLP
3P Allpass
3P Allpass +1PLP
4P Lowpass
4P Bandpass


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