J150 Trumansburg VCF Panel

Panel Conversion for the Synth.com Q150

The J150 is a brand new original panel design for the synthesizers.com q150 Transistor Ladder Filter, paying homage to the origins of the Moog low pass filter design that the q150 is based on, and the original home of R.A. Moog in Trumansburg, New York. This new panel design saves valuable space in your modular synthesizer, and makes minimal sacrifices to do so. The only features omitted are the signal attenuators for the audio inputs, and the unipolar CV input for frequency, while maintaining classic Mu format ergonomics. Assembly of new panel requires only a screwdriver, and a few sockets. No soldiering, plug and play, and the modification is completely reversible.

Includes 1 panel, and 3 knobs (one large, two small), a replacement switch and a new set of standard PCB standoffs, to replace the non-standard ones that come on the q150. The J150 configuration is still compatible in slanted walnut and Box11 cabinets

The Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter is based on Bob Moog's famous design and provides incredible-sounding -24dB lowpass filtering which has become the standard of subtractive analog synthesis.

The cutoff frequency can be controlled manually and by control voltages from an envelope generator, oscillator, keyboard, etc. Frequency control signals can be attenuated and inverted without the need for utility modules. Resonance (Q) of the filter can be adjusted with the front panel control. The filter will self-oscillate and track a 1V/Octave keyboard control voltage. Both -12dB and -24dB slopes are available offering a wide range of sounds. One pole and three pole responses are jumper-selectable for even more possibilities. A convenient two-channel mixer is provided for incoming audio signals.

A special feature of the Q150 is output leveling. In most ladder filters the output signal level is greatly reduced as the resonance is increased. This usually requires resetting input levels (sometimes many) when changing resonance settings and can become quite annoying. Special circuitry in the Q150 maintains constant output level at various resonance settings while keeping the harmonic content unchanged. This feature is jumper-selectable and can be deselected if identical behaviour to the Moog ladder filter is desired.


  • 30 mA +15V
  • 30 mA -15V
  • ? mA 5V

This Module is currently available.

$254 Price in €
1 HP Filter
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