569 Quad Sequential Voltage Source

4 row 8 step CV/Gate sequencer with independent rows, quantization and gate buss,

The M569 is an analog step-sequencer with up to 32 positions, arranged in four rows. Each row can be controlled absolutely independent from each other, so that the user has practically up to four separate sequencers at his disposal, each with its own clock- and reset-input jacks, and – at the same time – different running directions (up, down, random and “ping-pong“).

In addition the control voltage outputs can be switched between three ranges (2 V, 5 V and 10 V, with the 2 V and 5 V ranges supplying a (to 1/12 V) quantized output voltage.

Each step position has its own “step-mode“-switch to toggle the gate signal of the respective step position on or off. In the “Function“ position it (again separately for the four rows) can defined as skip, reset or stop-command.


  • 155 mA +15V
  • 45 mA -15V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 85 mm deep
  • Ø 4.25 (4 Votes) Average Rating

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