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Collection 78 modules

Vaporware12345 Step Sequencer, Vaporware12345 16-Stage Sequencer, Vaporware12345 Sequencer Combiner, Vaporware12345 Drum Programmer, Vaporware12345 Drum Voice, Vaporware12345 Oscillator Bank, Vaporware12345 Bode Frequency Shifter, Vaperware12345 Voltage Controlled Phase Shifter, Vaperware12345 1176 Compressor, Vaperware12345 Stereo Mixer, Vaperware12345 BOSS Pedal Adapter, Vaperware12345 Dual BOSS Pedal Adapter, Vaperware12345 Analyzer, Vaperware12345 Maths, Vaperware12345 8x4 Mixing Matrix, Vaperware12345 Multiples, Vaperware12345 Dual Metered VCA, Vaperware12345 Slider-Controlled Attenuators - Mixer, Vaperware12345 Logic, Vaperware12345 Seven-Stage Envelope Generator, Vaperware12345 Compressor, Vaperware12345 Frequency and Envelope Follower, Vaperware12345 Distortion, Vaperware12345 Triple LFO & A-R Envelope Generator, Vaperware12345 Triple Gate Delay and Divider, Vaperware12345 Microtonal Quantizer Bank, Vaperware12345 Quantizing Scale Selector, Vaperware12345 4x4 Matrix, Vaperware12345 Theremin Controller, Vaperware12345 Mojo Filter, Vaperware12345 Comb Filter, Vaperware12345 BBD Effects, Vaperware12345 BBD Delay, Vaperware12345 Tube Saturation, Vaperware12345 Fixed Filter Bank, Vaperware12345 Voltage-Controlled Fixed Filter Bank, Vaperware12345 16-Channel Vocoder, Vaperware12345 Dry Erase Board, Vaperware12345 Telegraph, Vaperware12345 Locker, Vaperware12345 Metronome, Vaperware12345 Coin-Operated Vending Machine, Vaperware12345 SEM, Vaperware12345 Mother-32, Vaperware12345 Micromoog, Vaperware12345 Pro-One, Vaperware12345 Monotron X, Vaperware12345 Eurorack Adapter, Vaperware12345 Breath Controller, Vaperware12345 Prodigy, Vaperware12345 Minimoog, Vaporware 12345 Trigger Happy, Vaporware 12345 MFOS Phaser/Delay, Vaporware 12345 Q127 3-Wide Panel, Vaporware 12345 Q119 Sequential Controller 6-Wide Panel, Vaporware 12345 MFOS Wave Freaker, Vaporware 12345 MFOS VC Fab Four, Vaporware 12345 MFOS Quad 3-Input Mixer, Vaporware 12345 MFOS Dual Attack Release Envelope Generator, Vaporware 12345 MFOS Wave Former VCO, Vaporware 12345 MFOS Sonic Multiplier, Vaporware 12345 PAiA Dual VCO/Modulator, Vaporware 12345 PAiA Dual VCF/Modulator, Vaporware 12345 PAiA Dual VCA, Vaporware 12345 PAiA VCA-Mixer, Vaporware 12345 PAiA Vocoder, Vaporware 12345 PAiA FatMan, Vaporware 12345 MFOS USS Modulation, Vaporware 12345 MFOS Five-Segment Linear Envelope Generator, Q106 VCO Lite, Vaporware 12345 Polyrhythmic Sequencer, Vaperware 12345 Q110++, Vaperware 12345 DFAM, Vaperware 12345 DFAM, Vaperware 12345 16-Channel Vocoder (2-wide), Vaperware 12345 Synth Voice, Vaperware 12345 Genesis and Vaperware 12345 16-Step Sequencer
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