1 HP
Current Draw
30 mA +15V
10 mA -15V
0 mA 5V
$165 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Dual LFO

The Oakley MU Dual-LFO is a single width module that features two highly useful low frequency oscillators.

This is an updated version of the low frequency oscillator from a classic Japanese vintage analogue synthesiser. It features two output waveforms, triangle and pulse. But, the design also incorporates a 'Shape' control that affects the rise and fall times of the triangle waveform, and mark-space ratio of the pulse waveform. Therefore, you can get sawtooth and reverse sawtooth from the triangle output by using the Shape control.

The Dual-LFO uses an integrated FET switch IC to enhance the original design. It also allows the use of waveform synchronisation. This is where the output waveform is reset back to zero when a SYNC pulse arrives from another module (or the other half of the Dual-LFO). If the SYNC pulse is the GATE output of a midi-CV convertor, then you can use the Dual-LFO as a linearly sloped repeating envelope generator.

A range switch on each LFO allows for a wide range of low frequencies to be generated.

Case depth 85mm or 3.35 Inch.

Module has a Synth Dotcom Power header and is fully compatible with MU systems.

The current draw is around +30mA and -10mA.


Operating frequency: 0.3Hz - 30Hz (fast), 0.03Hz - 3Hz (slow)

Pulse output level: 0V (low state), 9V (high state)

Triangle wave output level: +/-4.5V


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