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Submitted Modules

C101 OTA LPF 2 HP Filter View
C102 VC LFO 1 HP LFOOscillator View
C104 Odyssey of Sound VCO 2 HP OscillatorRing Modulator View
C105 VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine 1 HP NoiseSample and HoldFilterRandomCV Modulation View
C106 Dual Loopable VC AD Envelope & more 2 HP Envelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFOOscillator View
C101 OTA Lowpass Filter MKII 2 HP Filter View
C107 Quad Linear VCA / VC Mixer 2 HP MixerQuadVCAAttenuator View
C108 Dual VCA 1 HP VCADual/Stereo View
C109 Attenuator Multiples 1 HP AttenuatorMultiple View
C103 Frequency Divider / Multiplier MKII 2 HP Clock ModulatorCV ModulationDistortionFrequency DividerSequencerWaveshaper View
C100 Power System 1 HP PowerUtility View
DR-01 Bass Drum 1 HP DrumSynth Voice View
C110 2044 VCF 1 HP FilterOscillator View
C105 VC Noise / Lo-Fi MKII 1 HP Clock GeneratorCV ModulationEffectFilterNoiseOscillatorRandomSample and Hold View
DR-02 Snare Drum 2 HP DrumSynth Voice View
C101B OTA Lowpass Filter 1 HP FilterOscillator View
C111 Multimode Contour Generator 2 HP CV ModulationEnvelope GeneratorLFO View
C105E VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine 12 HP FilterNoiseSample and HoldRandomCV Modulation View
C103 Frequency Divider Multiplier 1 HP Frequency Divider View

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