1 U
30 mm deep
Current Draw
0 mA +15V
0 mA -15V
107 mA 5V
$250 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Two ADSR envelopes in a single width MU module

The Z209 is a 1 MU module with the standard DOTCOM power connector. It incorporates two ADSR envelope generators. Each has it's own Manual Gate button, Gate In jack and Envelope output jack. The envelope itself is based on the latest generation of firmware from the electricdruid dot net Env Gen 8 ADSR. The attack is a very snappy 1.5 ms. The minimum attack/decay cycle is 3 ms. The max A/D/R times are about 20 seconds each.

Not only does this ADSR perform and save space, it will be a great visual addition to your system, with LEDs on each of the 8 faders.

Operational notes:

Gate 2 is normalled to Gate 1.
The LED on each attack fader acts as a gate indicator.

More specifications:

The sample rate for the 12 bit digital output is 20kHz.
Power consumption is 5V @ 107 mA. +/- 15V @ 0mA .


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