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C 64n masterpieca trillionsofhat

The Rack contains 12 Modules.

  • Full Paia Rack shares 4 modules

    Full Paia Rack
  • My sketchy Frac shares 3 modules

    My sketchy Frac
  • PAIA Jam Rig shares 3 modules

    PAIA Jam Rig
  • My desperate Frac shares 4 modules

    My desperate Frac
  • My attractive Frac shares 3 modules

    My attractive Frac
  • My pale Frac shares 3 modules

    My pale Frac
  • My fat Frac shares 4 modules

    My fat Frac
  • My gross Eurorack shares 3 modules

    My gross Eurorack
  • My confused Frac shares 4 modules

    My confused Frac
  • My Paia shares 3 modules

    My Paia